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Is your recruiter killing IT or killing YOUR BUSINESS

So, after reading last month’s article, “Is Your Recruiter All Wrong for Your Business” you realize recruiting is not a one size fits all approach and you should …

Is your recruiter all wrong for your business?

Is Your Recruiter All Wrong For Your Business?

This month, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more jobs than available workers, a first in the 20-year history of tracking these figures.  This data confirms what …

Thou Shalt Judge

When it comes to hiring, so many factors are at play.

How to Know if a Job Candidate is Lying

How to Know if a Job Candidate is Lying

Let’s just get it out of the way. You know if a candidate is lying if their lips are moving. As a recruiter, you might have strategies in …

Attracting Candidates for Better Hiring

Throw out the magnifying glass, get yourself a magnet

You’ve been there. You’re a recruiter who has just been giving the assignment to find a person who: Maintains a mile-long list of qualities, qualifications, education, credentials and …

8 Lessons For Employers to Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ passing will have been 5 years ago as of October 5, 2016. Having died at age 56, he didn’t live a particularly long life, yet there …

5 Keys to Being a Successful Leader

There are various types of leaders with differing styles that could all be successful in their spheres. However, when it comes to business, there are a few general …

Motivating Employees Without Using Money

One of the biggest problems businesses face today is having unengaged employees. In 2012, Gallup found that only 13% of employees across the world are truly engaged in their …

The New Overtime Pay Rules: How to Have a Smooth Transition

Last month, May 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued final rules changing who will receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond the standard 40-hour workweek. Effective December 1, 2016, …

How to Build Trust Between Remote and Office Workers

Employees working from remote locations are getting to be pretty common, but it is not embraced by everyone, especially the employees in the office that don’t have any contact with their work-at-home counterparts.

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