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Account Manager Job Description

Our Account Manager job description template is yours to use as a base to help you attract the perfect candidate.  We have created this template to be optimized to as many account manager positions as possible.  However, customizing to your industry and company is recommend.  #HappyHiring!


Account Manager Job Description

Account Manager Job Overview

Our company is looking for a professional Account Manager to nurture and build relationships with our customers.  It is important to the success of our customers when their account manager is great at executing project on-time and continually following through on communication.

You will be responsible for working with key decision makers, executives and stakeholders on a continual basis.  Your communication between them and our company is crucial to maintaining the highest level of satisfaction.


Account Manager Responsibilities


Requirements for Account Manager

There are many soft skills needed for the Account Manager role, however here are a list of must-haves:



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