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It’s Time to Assess and Develop Your Recruiter Brand

17 Feb 2016 by

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To find first-rate talent, you need outstanding recruiters. You are competing for the best job candidates, and your recruiters are on the front-line. Don’t overlook the importance of investing in them—the quality of their efforts will be a determining factor in your company’s future success.

Here are five must-read pieces to help you understand what job seekers look for in recruiters, mistakes recruiters need to avoid, and what changes they must make to find those top-notch candidates.

Why Recruiters Need ‘Celebrity Status’ Today

According to Inc.com, job seekers nowadays are “discriminatory” when meeting recruiters. In other words, they look to for certain information about the recruiters themselves to determine interest in applying at the company they represent. Therefore, in order to get ahead in the war for talent, “your recruiters will need to brand themselves as rockstars…it’s time companies gave recruiters the tools and resources they need to provide the level of credibility and accessibility talent expects of them.” Here are 4 things every recruiter needs to brand themselves successfully.

11 Things Smart Recruiters Share With Candidates

Over the last year, CAREEREALISM researched and analyzed what candidates need from recruiters to trust them. Read the 11 most important things about the recruiting process and the employment culture that job seekers want to know from recruiters up front.

4 Startup Recruiter Mistakes I Made During Selection

Because of things like resource constraints and lack of HRM training or expertise, being a startup recruiter can be challenging in some unique ways. Just because the startup environment isn’t as formal as a corporate office setting doesn’t mean you should get too comfortable too quickly. Learn from Thomas Koponen’s mistakes and prevent making them yourself.

Wake Up, Recruiters — Job-Seekers Are Calling The Shots Now

Liz Ryan tells recruiters, both in-house and hired 3rd parties, how to step up their game. Old school recruitment methods won’t work anymore. Changes need to be made as recruiters “deal with job candidates who don’t have to wait by the phone, hand over their personal information on the slightest acquaintance and generally put up with bad treatment on the job search trail.” Read how to find the best talent by treating job candidates right.

Turn Good Recruiting into Great Recruiting

Dani Monroe, author of Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforceexplains how to break the cycle of finding candidates that are qualified but that lack the “wow factor.” Sometimes recruiters get stuck in the habit of looking for one specific kind of person, while passing up great talent in the meantime simply because they aren’t the familiar norm. Find out Monroe’s 5 ways to refresh your recruitment strategy and find job candidates that go beyond merely ‘acceptable.’

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