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Recruiter Job Description

Writing a Recruiter job description should include which parts of the recruiting and on-boarding cycle the Recruiter will be handling. Below, you will find some helpful tips on how to write a job description for this unique and ever-changing role. This is a job description that can look very different depending on what type of Recruiter you’re hiring for.

Some Recruiters handle the full cycle of prospecting talent, screening, interview scheduling, interviewing, and even extending job offers. Other Recruiters only handle prospecting and interviewing and delegate the other steps in the recruiting cycle to a Recruiting Coordinator. This role often handles the administrative components of the process, along with the screening and scheduling of candidates, while a Hiring Manager often makes the final job offer. Adapt the following job description to your organization by including a paragraph or two about your company, its culture, and what makes it a great place to work.

job description for recruiter

Recruiter Job Description

Seeking a seasoned recruiter, experienced in full-cycle recruiting. As a Recruiter, you will be in charge of attracting, screening, selecting and onboarding qualified team members who also fit with our company culture. With our existing pool of candidates, you will be able to efficiently recruit, screen and interview qualified talent who will ultimately deliver the competitive advantage we need in our marketplace.

Responsibilites for Recruiter

Requirements for Recruiter


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