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4 Ways to Sell Your Job Better Online

04 May 2015 by

If you’re advertising a job online, your main goal is to attract applicants. To do so, you must convert job seekers from simply visitors of your listing (prospective applicants) to actual applicants.

Here are the four main tips to improve your conversion rate that we’ve learned over the years at LocalWork.com.

1. Emphasize Company Culture.

Make sure your job description has plenty of information about your company’s culture, workplace environment, and reviews the daily tasks of the position for which you’re recruiting. You can read our post about building a great job description here.

2. Choose multiple categories.

Job seekers often focus their job search by choosing categories they want to visit, rather than browsing all the jobs on the job board at once until they find the right job for them. So, by choosing multiple, relevant categories you help ensure that more job seekers find your listing inside the categories they’re going to. That said, think of category as simply a group of job seekers of which you want to get in front. Sometimes it might not be as obvious that a certain category fits with your job/company. For example: If you’re a for-profit company hiring In-home Case Workers and Caregivers, you’re competing against similar companies that happen to be non-profit organizations. In this case, you may want to consider selecting the Non-profit Organization category to get your jobs in front of job seekers who are looking at very similar jobs inside the Non-Profit Organization category.

3. Think outside the box a little with Salary and Benefits info.

There are many more benefits to working at your organization than simply compensation and healthcare. Do any of the following benefit apply to your organization and the job(s) you’re recruiting for?: Flexible Hours, Company Vehicle, Gas Stipend, Aggressive Commission Structure, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days, Great Company Culture, Career Advancement Opportunities, Game Room, Health Club (Gym), Bring Your Dog To Work Day, On-site Starbucks machine, and the list could go on and on. These are all examples of real benefits that exist in real workplaces here in town. Never focus on what you don’t offer; rather, think of what you do offer and feature those things in this section.

4. Have a GREAT Company Profile.

Your company profile is a snapshot of what your company culture and workplace environment look like. Some online job boards give you the ability to upload photos and videos that show workplace engagement, company projects, team members having fun, etc. Don’t forget to copy and paste text from your website inside the text box provided to give job seekers more information about your company and values.

If you’re ready to post a job post like this, let’s chat.

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