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Nailing the Online Job Description

28 Aug 2015 by

If you’ve managed to bait job seekers with a fantastic job title, your next challenge is to convert that candidate into an applicant with a well crafted job description. Nail it and you get to keep talking…fail it and your prospective candidates keep walking.

When writing your job description, remember to emphasize the PERCs: Position, Employer, Requirements, Compensation. Answering these questions can help you create a compelling job description that answers common candidate questions and encourages them to apply.


What is the position all about?

What are the intriguing aspects about the position?

What are the responsibilities?

How will this employee spend their time?

What departments or projects will this position work with or on?

How does this position fit into the organizational chart of your company?

Does this position require travel?

Does this position manage others?


What is your culture like?

What types of products/services do you offer?

Have you won any awards?

Where is your company located?

How did your company come to be?

What are your company values, beliefs, mission, and goals?

How large is your company and how many locations do you have?

What is your company known for in your industry?


What skills and education are mandatory?

What secondary skills and education are nice to have?

What aspects would you like candidates to highlight in their application?

What lifting/mobility, transportation, licensing, or other requirements exist?

How many years of work experience do candidates need to have?


What traditional benefits does your company offer?

What salary range should this candidate expect?

What company perks or untraditional benefits set your company apart?

If a commission-based salary, what are the potential earnings for this position or the general salary of top performers?

Answering these types of questions and following the PERC model will help you nail the job description and convert more candidates into applicants.

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