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Job Offer Letter Template


This Job Offer Letter Template is yours to use for free.  This letter tells your candidate the important information about the offer.  This job offer letter can keep future disputes about terms, compensation and benefits from occurring.  Please customize this job offer letter to exact terms you discussed with your new employee.  This free job offer template is only a guideline and resource to help you initiate your official on-boarding process.  It is your responsibility to ensure your official job offer letter has all necessary talking points to fit your company guidelines.

Job Offer Letter

Dear [Candidate Name],

Congratulations on being selected as [Company]’s newest team member!  The following is an official letter for full-time employment for the position of [position title] with [Company] to begin [Official Start Date].

Please review the letter and return a signed copy acknowledging your acceptance on or before [offer expiration date].

[Position title] is a permanent position and you will therefore be entitled to all staff benefits.  Your official date to begin employment will be [Start Date].  Your compensation plan will be paid at a rate of [$amount] per hour.  Your salary will be paid via direct deposit on the 1st and 15th of each month.  Your first payday is expected to be [Date].

You will be entitled to [#] of paid vacation days per year.  In addition to your PTO, we observe the following holidays

[list of holidays company observes]


As an employee of [Company], you will be eligible to participate in company benefit plans.  [Company] offers the following standard benefits:

[Standard benefits list]


You will be required to honor and observe all of the Company’s privacy policies and procedures.  In the course of your responsibilities, you may come in contact or become familiar with information which [Company] may consider confidential.  You agree to keep all such information confidential and not to discuss or divulge it to anyone other than appropriate [Company] personnel or their designees.

We are looking forward to working with you and hope you’ll be excited to join our team.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

By signing and dating this agreement on or before [offer expiration date], you agree to these terms and accept this job offer.  Upon receipt of this employment offer, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork and instructions.



[Hiring Manager Name]




Company Representative (sign)


Company Representative (print)




Candidate (sign)


Candidate (print)





For other free job offer samples, tools and resources, please visit our Hiring Tools page.


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